Why should we protect environment?

What are two environmental benefits?

Why is it important to protect the environment?

Unfortunately, our Western society lives in a fundamentally polluted way, that is, at the expense of nature. We are the reason why it is absolutely necessary to protect the environment. Because no other organism on this planet encroaches on nature as destructively as we humans do.

But fortunately, we are able to learn – and we can improve in our day-to-day work. Simply use the following reasons to make yourself aware of why it is so important to protect the environment. They will give you more motivation and energy.

How do we protect the atmosphere in our daily activities?

In addition to the thighs to protect the environment, there are some daily environmental protection measures;

  • Plant trees whenever possible and plant the right kind of trees. Trees help freshen the air by releasing oxygen. Anyone can plant trees in any available location. Home gardening is also beneficial. Plants that provide vegetables for daily use can be selected and grown if there is space near the house.
  • Teaming up with others and cleaning up the roads is a great way to keep the environment tidy. Pick up trash that is thrown out in public places. This will reduce pollution and thus help protect and preserve the environment.
  • Donating plants and trees to the public will help cover more area for planting. Afforestation may be the only way to compensate for logging. Also, donating clothes that don’t fit or that are used only once will help reduce the consumption of cotton plants for the textile industry.
  • Save electricity by turning off fans and lights when not needed. Always turn it off when you leave the room. Use only electrical appliances that consume less energy. Hand wash clothes when there is less quantity and need to be washed. Avoid using the washing machine for only two or three garments.
  • Microwaving food is also a way to protect the environment. Moreover, eating vegetarian food most of the time will help in saving animal resources.

Americans favor regulation to increase renewable energy use over the private market alone

While there is broad support for expanding solar and wind power, Americans are divided on the most effective way to promote wider adoption of renewables sustainable energy.

Overall, a majority of American adults (56%) agree with the statement “Government regulations are necessary to encourage businesses and consumers to rely more on renewables.” Meanwhile, 42% supported the statement “The private market will ensure that businesses and consumers rely more on renewables, even without government regulation.” (texajp_7)

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