Why is environmental education important?

Why is environmental science important?

Encourage children to develop sustainable habits

Teaching our children about the environment can help them develop sustainable habits that they are more likely to stick to as they grow up. Even small actions have big effects over time. Some simple sustainable habits can be applied at any age:

  • recycling
  • bring reusable bags to the store
  • Turning off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the lights when not in use
  • using reusable water bottles

teaches them to be responsible

An environmental education program shows children how important it is to be responsible human beings. This is on an individual and collective level as a generation.

The general objective of any government is to protect its citizens and their property. This also includes protecting the environment in which people live. Environmental education programs in schools greatly support the government’s efforts to protect the environment.

Importance of Environmental Education

  • Educational Achievements – By providing environmental education, students will include problem-solving techniques for the external world in their subjects in order to understand a specific problem by including external environmental solutions.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS Environmental education gives students a new meaning to explore mother nature to see and solve problems that harm the environment and it will also help them stay healthy by doing physical work so that their bodies can do so. They are immune to some serious health problems such as myopia, obesity, and in some cases even lack of concentration.
  • Future-Proof Planning – This is one of the issues we need to address because if we don’t educate our children about the serious effects of environmental damage, there will be no future for the world.
  • Education in this field will give students a new meaning to problem-solving techniques as they will solve real-world problems. They will also think beyond today to become a guide in the future, carefully check the situation, and take preventive measures in the future to protect the environment.
  • Team management Working in teams is another example of environmental education because it gives children a new sense of solving a particular problem through teamwork.
  • This will also highlight their leadership qualities as they will lead the way for their team to stop people from littering anywhere and also spread awareness to other people who only use non-plastic goods to improve the environment.
  • The use of plastics is one of the major environmental problems of the past few decades. We can reduce plastic build-up to some extent if we stop using single-use plastic at least. This small step can make a big difference in solving this environmental problem.
  • Environmental Activist – When we educate students about the environment and urge them to take the initiative to protect it as a major part of their lives, they will become environmental activists and prevent others from harming the environment by creating a platform to raise awareness of the necessity and importance of environmental education in every part of society.
  • Improve Focus – Nowadays, there are many things in society that distract students from their education. Through environmental education, they will be able to focus more on real-world problems because they are the ones who will analyze and solve environmental problems to promote more greenness everywhere.
  • Benefit for Schools – It is a very useful plan for schools as it will help them to promote realistic learning and help in understanding the environment. Schools can make environmental education a compulsory subject for every student to help everyone focus more on different real-life situations.
  • The teacher and students can also lead many projects that raise awareness among children about environmental problems. These projects must also include actionable environmental conservation measures. These projects will also help encourage children in ways they can collaborate in conservation.
  • Participation in outdoor activities – This can be very beneficial for children’s health as it has been proven that children who have a green playground within their school grounds are more likely to get sick and are more active in their lives. Everyday life.
  • Now every day kids like to spend more time in indoor activities like playing video games. Unfortunately, indoor activities are an obstacle in the psychological and physical development of children. Parents should take the initiative and encourage their children to participate in outdoor activities. Children always follow in the footsteps of their parents, so they strive to be an example for them.
  • Promoting new teaching methods Environmental education is a greater responsibility that students and teachers must take on every day, which will encourage them to go out and do hands-on activities on how to save energy and the environment. It will also help them to explore and learn new innovative techniques that will help them understand memorization more easily.
  • Reducing costs – By learning about environmental protection, students should also participate in the maintenance of school buildings, because it is better to start where they already belong, that is, school and home.
  • This will be very beneficial for schools as it will reduce the cost of maintaining the environment which automatically reduces the annual cost of the total cost.
  • for example – encourage your children to turn off switches and other appliances when not in use, make your children aware of the 3 R i.e. reduce reuse and recycle, encourage them to turn off taps after use to save water, etc.
  • Encouraging more organizations – If more organizations adopt environmental education as their priority, there will be more children and adults who will help preserve the environment and help create more awareness among others.
  • The youth of the world play an important role in raising awareness of environmental problems around the world. For example – in 2017, a student activist from the University of Sussex named Paris Palmano launched the Climate Action Movement. The main objective of this movement was to spread awareness about the climate crisis and possible preventive measures to deal with climate change.
  • Another example is from India where in 2010 students of Great-men International School, Madhya Pradesh, planted nearly 1,100 saplings to save the environment. There are many other examples where students from different schools took the initiative to protect Mother Earth.
  • It is very important that educational institutions start teaching students how to protect our environment and conserve natural resources.
  • Technological Adaptation – There are several measures used by organizations that use the latest technologies and developments in environmental conservation and also help them promote a large online campaign to raise awareness about this problem, which will bring people together to promote environmental education.
  • According to the current scenario, there are several major environmental problems that require advanced nature conservation technologies. For example- Renewable energy development technologies, to save endangered animals, energy saving technologies, to deal with climate change and global warming, etc. Ways to solve complex environmental issues that also advance productive economies and harmony between societies. Being consistent in promoting awareness is key.
  • Well, you can’t choose sustainability as an option, but protecting the environment is a necessity. Now people all over the world are starting to use sustainable products for the benefit of nature. For example – a CFL bulb may cost a little more than a regular bulb, but people understand the difference. People now know very well which light bulb is worth choosing in the long term, which will help the environment by saving energy. There are many other sustainable ways to protect the environment such as using trash cans, planting more trees and plants, reducing waste, adopting an energy efficient lifestyle, etc.

These are all benefits if we teach students about the importance of environmental education And we must also educate the whole world about it. Let’s understand NEPA and what famous environmental scientists around the world are doing to help the earth:

improves human health

Many health problems such as obesity, anxiety and other lifestyle diseases are about to increase due to lack of exercise. Students who are enrolled in distance or evening classes due to work commitments and other personal reasons, do not have time to engage in physical activities. However, environmental studies allow students to participate in environmental awareness campaigns, tree planting activities, and other activities outside of the classroom, allowing them to interact with nature and lead an active life. As a result, it improves health by reducing the risk of obesity, depression, or developing chronic diseases due to lack of physical activity.

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Here are five reasons why the learning years should be combined with environmental education.

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