What nature gives us?

Why is nature important?

The wisdom of nature is the lifeblood of our future and our most important ally in finding ways to transform the harmful exploitation of natural resources into a renewable system that balances human aspirations with a healthy planet. Winter may seem like a quiet season when it comes to the sounds of birds, but if we listen carefully we might just hear the starling, one of the world’s most delightful whistles. Mozart was a starling for a while and enjoyed the wonderful singing of his bird friend who could sing parts of his piano concertos (L. Haupt, 2017).

One of my favorite bedtime stories when I was young was about two field mice, Millie and Tom. Poppy Flower in the Cornfield heard Tom whisper in Millie’s ear a secret that they would marry the day after the full moon, at 2pm. The poppy gave a little secret to corn, blues, winds and sparrows, who said that on that day we would ring their bells and sing. And so, when it struck two in the afternoon, the breeze was blowing clippings of grass, and the birds were singing, and the bells were ringing. At the end of the day, Millie tells Tom, “It was a beautiful wedding, but I wonder who found out our secret?” “It’s impossible to keep secrets here,” Tom said, “flowers and corn have ears.” Many times I looked at the cornfields and their flowers and birds with a sense of admiration for their ability to hear our stories.

Life Game Of Nature

There is another important aspect of nature that we definitely need to talk about, and that is that creature depends on another creature. Eagles depend on snakes, vipers depend on frogs, and toads depend on insects.

Every living thing on Earth lives by suppressing or killing other living things, whether they are non-vegetarian or vegetarian. The reason is very simple, with every breath we breathe many microorganisms die. There is no difference between the life of microorganisms and the life of humans if we look at life as life.

Basics of Ecosystem Services

What does nature give us? Earth Day Special Article

Uganda’s rainforests are disappearing. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler. Read last year’s article on Earth Day: The Global Failure of Every Environmental Issue: An Editorial for Earth Day. There is no doubt that Earth was a giving planet. Everything humans need to survive and thrive is provided by the natural world around us: food,

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