What is the environment essay?

How do we protect the environment?

solutions; How to preserve the environment?

  1. Planting or planting new trees will help preserve the environment. (texajp_14)
  2. Reduce the use of non-renewable resources. (texajp_14)
  3. Adopting proper waste disposal. (texajp_14)
  4. The plastic block should turn into a movement. (texajp_14)
  5. Providing environmental education to spread awareness among people to preserve the environment. (texajp_14)
  6. We must not pollute water bodies. (texajp_14)
  7. Logging is useless

    It must be forbidden. Strict measures must be taken to stop deforestation and logging. (texajp_14)

  8. Protecting the environment requires better recycling of natural waste. (texajp_14)
  9. Minimal use of pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals. (texajp_14)
  10. We must work as a team to make our environment clean. (texajp_14)
  11. We should all actively participate in global environmental campaigns. (texajp_14)
  12. Celebrate Environment Day every day. (texajp_14)

Our environment provides us with all the basic and essential ingredients for life. All natural components of our environment are vital. Modernization and development have caused a sharp increase in environmental degradation. The quality of natural ingredients is compromised. It is decreasing rapidly.

Essay on the environment 10 lines (100-150 words)

1) All living and non-living things, air, water, etc. make up the environment.

2) The environment is home to all living things.

Environment Essay 4 (250 words)

The environment includes all the natural resources that surround us to help in a number of ways. It provides us with a better way for growth and development. It gives us all the things we need to live on this planet. However, our environment also needs help from all of us to maintain itself as normal, forever feeding our lives and never destroying our lives. The elements of our environment are deteriorating day by day due to man-made technological catastrophe.

We must preserve the authenticity of our environment in order to continue life on Earth, the only place where life is possible so far in the entire universe. World Environment Day is a campaign that has been celebrated every year on June 5 for many years with the aim of spreading public awareness around the world about the safety and cleanliness of the environment. We must participate in the tagging campaign in order to know the topic of tagging, to know the ways to preserve our environment and to be aware of all the bad habits that destroy the environment day by day.

Environmental Article Conclusion

Environmental pollution negatively affects our daily life. Inventions of advanced technologies provide convenience in human life. However, these inventions pose a threat to the survival of our environment. Environmental pollution causes a number of health diseases that a person can suffer from throughout his life. The existence of life on Earth must be seriously considered. It is a global problem that can be solved with the continuous efforts of everyone.

Everyone should come forward and participate in the campaign to protect the environment. World Environment Day is an environmental event celebrated on the 5th of June every year around the world. People and many organizations celebrate this day to learn about the factors that destroy our environment. The motive of celebrating this day is to spread awareness among people around the world. They must take positive action to protect the environment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every human being to protect the environment. So that the next generation can enjoy the gifts of nature.

air pollution

According to the World Health Organization, about 7 million people die annually from air pollution. It causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

What causes air pollution? (texajp_7)

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