What is manmade environment?

What is environment in a word?

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“Thrones are toppled everywhere and their owners secretly shake” (p. 27)

preparing younger children for their later years

while On whether young children need exposure to iPhones and technology To understand this, we must first ask how we help younger children prepare for the elementary and teenage years, when they can absorb abstract ideas in meaningful ways and appreciate each other. A connection that cannot be seen but must be imagined with a more advanced ability of thinking and reason. In order to prepare for each stage of life, children must have their developmental needs adequately met in age-appropriate ways so that they can be accommodated. Very young children need direct contact with the real world to love and connect with it. Unless they love the world around them, our children will never be motivated to ask questions that will lead to further exploration or develop an ethical care for the Earth and their environment. We can’t expect older children to be interested in things they haven’t experienced and learned to love through direct, meaningful interaction from previous years.

As toddlers explore through their five senses, they can understand and fall in love with the natural world of flowers, trees, fresh air, lake water, mountains, and rivers just by touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, and seeing them for real. A little exposure can go a long way; You may not need to spend more than a few hours here and there on the lawn of a garden, on the edge of a pond, or exploring the bark of a tree to give your children an experience of how beautiful and wonderful the natural world can be. . Research still indicates that the natural world has calming and healing effects on humans, so we know that the more exposure the better. When nature is far from where you live, aim for the immediacy of the experience versus the amount of time you spend. If your young children can touch, smell, hear, and see real nature—with you modeling your feelings of respect, awe, or gratitude toward it—they will also develop a love for it.

Smart Water Management

  • We work with nature to use the water your landscape needs by monitoring both rainwater and irrigation water
  • We take into account the time of year, temperature, slope, and sun exposure to make occasional daily adjustments to the watering cycle.
  • Customers can see a 10-50% reduction in irrigation-related water consumption

What do you mean by human environment? Example ?

Human environment refers to the artificial environment created by humans. It includes buildings, roads, cities as well as the community in which people live.

What is the similarity between the human environment and the man-made environment? (texajp_7)

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