What is environment easy answer?

What is a green environment?

Q1. Define the term environment.

Answer. The environment is the sum of water, air, soil and their interrelationships, but also their interrelationships with people, other organisms, and property. Environment means our environment or the environment around us.

Is cremation harmful to the environment? The short answer is yes.

Ecowatch defines Greenwashing or “Green Sheen” as “a common marketing ploy designed to make products appear more sustainable than they are.”

We’ve all fallen victim to Greenwashing in our efforts to do a little better for this place we call home. We gravitate towards products that claim to be a little more natural or a little more comprehensive, without any research into the claims themselves. It’s easy to make a difference, but these little incidents add up and most of us want to do our part!!

Important Issues for Our Environment Grade 10 Science Chapter 15

The human body consists of five important components of which water is the main component. Food and drinking water are essential for every human being. Food is obtained from plants through agriculture. Pesticides are used extensively to produce high yields in the fields. These pesticides are absorbed by plants from the soil along with water and minerals, and from water bodies these pesticides are absorbed by aquatic animals and plants. Since these chemicals are not biodegradable, they build up gradually at each trophic level. The maximum concentration of these chemicals accumulate in our body and greatly affects the health of our mind and body.

Question 1. Why has the maximum concentration of pesticides been found in humans? Answer: Pesticides are not biodegradable, they build up gradually at each trophic level. Since humans occupy the highest level of the food chain, their maximum concentration becomes in our bodies.

Our Environment Class 10 Important Questions Short Answer Type I

Question 1. What makes Earth’s atmosphere such a heterogeneous mixture? (2012d) Answer: The density of different components of the atmosphere varies. Therefore, the earth’s atmosphere is a heterogeneous mixture, for example, heavier gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere occupy the lower level (i.e. near the surface of the earth) of the atmosphere, while lighter gases such as O3 occupy the upper level of Atmosphere. Atmosphere. Therefore, the components of the atmosphere are not evenly distributed.

Question 2. List any four disadvantages of using fossil fuels for energy production. (2012 OD) Answer: Disadvantages of fossil fuels:

(a) Ecology

Answer: The branch of science that studies the interaction between living organisms and their environment is called ecology.

Answer: Environmental degradation refers to the loss of biodiversity (reduction in the number of plant and animal species), depletion and degradation of natural resources due to pollution, over-exploitation and destruction. (texajp_7)

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