What does environment in 100 words mean?

Who used the word environment?

Short and Long Essay on Environment in English

In the articles below we will consider several aspects of the environment and its damage within different word limits of 100-120 words, 250 words, 400 words and 600 words with Related FAQ For your convenience:

1) All living and non-living things, air, water, etc., make up the environment.

Essay on Environment 2 (150 words)

Since we are all familiar with the environment, it is everything that naturally surrounds us and affects our daily life on earth. Everything comes under the environment, the air we breathe every moment, the water we use for our daily routines, the plants, animals and other living things around us. An environment is called a healthy environment when the natural cycle occurs side by side without any disturbances. Any imbalance in the natural balance completely affects the environment, destroying human life.

Now, in the era of advanced human living standards, our environment is greatly affected by air pollution, noise, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other serious human-caused disasters with technology advancement. We must all swear together to protect our natural environment and keep it safe forever as always.

Environment Paragraph 5 (300 words)

The environment is everything that surrounds us, natural or man-made, living or non-living. All living species adapt to the conditions in their environment.

Importance of a clean environment

FRS on the environment

Question 1. What natural resources do people use?

Answer: Humans are the largest consumers of natural resources on Earth. They get their food from animals and plants. Clothing is one of the basic needs of a person. He gets the clothes back from the same sources mentioned.

Passage 3 – 150 words

The environment is important for all species. It is where we grow as people. He is our teacher. We learn to adopt different weather changes from the environment. It is our moral duty to protect our environment from degradation. Man-made concrete and the age of industrialization are the source of environmental degradation.

The quality of air, water and natural greenery is getting worse. Unfortunately, our environment is affected by various factors. Sometimes it is natural and sometimes it is industrial pollution. Unfortunately, air quality is greatly affected by the increase in the amount of CFCs and carbon dioxide. Vehicles, industrial chimneys, and sometimes due to agricultural smoke, the air quality deteriorates a lot. (texajp_7)

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