Who should protect the environment?

How can we protect our environment?

The effects of climate change are more evident than ever, and it is becoming increasingly important that we teach our children the importance of doing a good deed to help the planet. In fact, we can all do our part to become more sustainable and extend the lifespan of the environment, and not just on Earth Day. That’s why we spoke with sustainability education expert for early childhood learners and textbook editor, Toddlers and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability, Julie Davis, to give us a 4-1-1 on all of us (including our little ones) for making our planet stay green. Below, Julie answers some burning environmental questions and shares her top tips for teaching kids the importance of protecting Mother Earth, plus what you can do to inspire everyone in the family to make going green part of your daily routine. After all, the future of our planet is in the hands of our children, so why not start educating them now?

Why is it important to teach young children about environmental sustainability? “Learning about sustainability from an early age helps them develop sustainable behavior patterns that can become sustainable lifestyle habits in the future, such as being careful with limited resources. Young children can learn how to save water and energy, recycle well, and think about the amount of waste we all produce every day. Young children are most at risk of being unsustainable because they face greater and longer exposure to the worst consequences.As for the impact of climate change on health, this means, for example, increased susceptibility to diseases such as malaria and dengue.Increasing temperatures are likely to lead to more children Preschoolers who need treatment for fever and gastroenteritis in hospital emergency departments because they are less able to regulate their bodies during heatwaves.Disorders from extreme weather can lead to trauma and other mental health impacts for families, with children at grave risk – And not every child can “recover.”

Reasons to protect the environment

You first need to understand why you need to protect the environment in the first place. This then helped you make the necessary changes within your company. Many people are becoming concerned about the environment and climate change. This is another reason why we should protect the environment as a company.

Here are other reasons why going green is good for your business:


Composting may seem like a daunting or big task, but it isn’t. It’s relatively simple, given that you have the necessary knowledge and will. It’s easy to create a mini kitchen garden and compost in it. This helps you get rid of organic waste in a more environmentally friendly way, while increasing the air quality around your home. It also provides fresh fertilizer for your plants and improves soil quality.

Choose to walk, bike, use public transportation, or carpool with friends, family, and colleagues whenever possible. This will reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, which will significantly reduce gas emissions. It turned out to be even less expensive. Gaseous emissions into the air are toxic and can lead to serious problems such as acid rain. By reducing the problem at its source, we make it easier for the environment to heal itself. (texajp_7)

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