What is green environment?

What is environmental writing?

Established in 1912, Mattoon Township Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary. to provide park space and recreational opportunities for Lytletown in 2012. The Park District Board and Management spent the better part of the year creating a master plan for the future development of Lytle Park. As leaders and stewards of how we care for and deal with the environment, the Lytle Park Master Plan reflects these ideas through design and practices that embrace and preserve sustainable practices. The master plan can be viewed in the ‘Green’ section of the website.

teach others

Consider getting your message across online by starting a blog or discussion on social media. Using your voice to educate others teaches them the importance of helping the environment.

You can also volunteer as a teacher and talk to the next generation about actions they can take to become green. Many organizations also need educators to help educate people and keep the movement going.


What do you think of when you hear the word “green”? Your brand will certainly be a concept aimed at protecting the environment. Well, this is not wrong. But it doesn’t quite fit the full definition.

This concept stems from sustainable living, focusing on how to maximize the potential of the Earth without destroying it. Sustainable development itself was first initiated by Barbara Ward, founder of the International Institute for Environment and Development in 1970. So what is the meaning and concept of a green environment?

Make Informed Consumer Decisions

Knowledge is empowering because you can make informed decisions about your lifestyle. For example, knowing the benefits of organic produce and what good organic certification schemes mean, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to buy organic. The same applies to fair trade products as well as to all other environmentally friendly products.

Being green means making sure the products you buy and use are sustainable. This means that they come from sustainable sources and renewable or recycled products where possible. For example, certified recycled paper is easily and cheaply available in the market today. The same applies to products made from recycled plastic.

reduce consumption

Recycling alone won’t kill it anymore. If you really want to be as green as possible, you need to start by reducing your overall consumption.

When you buy something, ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” Consider if you already have something similar that you can use instead of buying a new one. If you definitely need something new, consider buying secondhand or borrowing from a friend. (texajp_7)

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