What is environment in 100 words?

What is a vignette about the environment?

Environment Essay 4 (250 words)

The environment includes all the natural resources that surround us to help in a number of ways. It provides us with a better way for growth and development. It gives us all the things we need to live on this planet. However, our environment also needs help from all of us to maintain itself as normal, forever feeding our lives and never destroying our lives. The elements of our environment are deteriorating day by day due to man-made technological catastrophe.

We must preserve the authenticity of our environment in order to continue life on Earth, the only place where life is possible so far in the entire universe. World Environment Day is a campaign that has been celebrated every year on June 5 for many years with the aim of spreading public awareness around the world about the safety and cleanliness of the environment. We must participate in the tagging campaign in order to learn about the topic of tagging, learn about ways to preserve the environment, and raise awareness of all the bad habits that destroy the environment day by day.

Environment Paragraph 2 (150 words)

The environment is the environment in which we all live. It includes all forms of living and non-living things on the planet. The major problem we face these days is environmental pollution. Harmful pollutants in the environment pollute the environment and have many harmful effects on biotic and abiotic factors. The main types of environmental pollution include air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, etc.

Let’s look at environmental pollution in detail below:

Essay 2 (400 words)) – What are they Human damage to the environment? They include trees, forests, oceans, rivers, grasslands, valleys, hills, etc. along with millions of living species of birds, insects, marine and terrestrial animals. Today, the environment is threatened by a series of human activities.

Paragraph 1 – 100 words

The environment consists entirely of natural, social, biotic and abiotic elements that surround us. In a simple definition, environment means a combination of the living and non-living, natural, social and man-made elements present in our environment. The place where we live, the place where all the greenery blooms, is called the environment.

There are different ways to classify an environment. The natural environment consists of biotic and abiotic factors. Biotic factors include plants and animals. Flora means all the greenery on earth, and fauna is all kinds of animals. In the natural environment there are many abiotic factors, such as air, soil, water, sunlight, mountains and other factors for the survival of the organism.

Passage about the environment – 150 words for children in grades 4, 5

The environment in which life exists on Earth is called the environment. The environment contains air, water, sunlight, trees, animals, and humans. They are living and non-living beings on Earth. Trees, people, and animals are living beings. The sun, water and air are non-living things that are necessary for human survival. Every creature is a natural resource for each other. For example, gazelle is a natural resource that the lion eats. Life on Earth cannot exist without any of these natural resources. However, the environment contains the components of the atmosphere and hydrosphere that affect the life of living organisms. Gases such as nitrogen and oxygen are present in the atmosphere. The hydrosphere covers all the water surfaces created by each organism according to the properties of these components. For example, aquatic animals were created to breathe underwater. Air animals were created to breathe air.

The environment is the Earth’s natural environment that enables a living organism to survive. The French word “environment”, which means “ocean”, is derived from the word “environment”. It consists of living organisms such as humans, plants, and animals. Air, water, and earth are non-living entities. Their performance is designed by nature so that everything depends on each other. Man is the dominant being among all beings who can depend on all the natural resources of the earth. Air needs to breathe. Not only humans, but also plants and animals need air to breathe. There would be no life on Earth without air. Only man is responsible for the destruction of the environment. (texajp_7)

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