What is destroying the environment?

What is the threat to the environment?

You may have learned about the devastating effects that the animal farming industry is having on land use and deforestation from news about the fires in the Amazon rainforest. But meat and dairy aren’t the only foods bad for the environment.

Fish arrive at the supermarket in one of two ways: commercial fishing or aquaculture. Both have a negative impact on the environment and are harmful to animals. Here’s why you should never eat fish if you care about the future of the planet:

How do humans destroy ecosystems?

The food on our plates is one of the greatest threats to Earth’s ecosystems. Humans are destroying nature, accelerating climate change, and threatening biodiversity – as a result of a more industrialized diet based on livestock.

A United Nations report found that more than a third of the world’s land area and nearly 75 percent of its freshwater resources are dedicated to producing food to feed a rapidly growing population. The report also found that in 2015, 33 percent of marine fish were caught at unsustainable levels. In a paper published in Science in 2006, scientists found that marine ecosystems are experiencing unprecedented population losses due to overfishing, and estimate that marine biodiversity will collapse by 2050 if humans continue down the same unsustainable path.

Sleepless Nights

Even Kantor sometimes questions his psychological investment in the sport. “Unfortunately, we get to the point where nothing else in life seems to matter,” Kantor says. “Sometimes we talk about life and death in a 90-minute football match. I know it shouldn’t be like that.” Cantor often talks with former players about the psychosis of fans like himself. “Why do we like this?” Cantor says. “Why didn’t we sleep two nights before the World Cup Final? What do we have at stake here? Players play. And yet it really is part of our DNA.”

After the match, Cantor went out with his daughter, who celebrated her birthday in Qatar after midnight on Monday. In a restaurant at 3:30 in the morning, the owner put a replica of the World Cup on his table. Cantor says, “I said, ‘Oh my God, is this real?’” “Is this nonsense really happening?” He did not sleep, spoke to his wife in the house three times and answered an array of congratulations, some from strangers affected by his calls. “I didn’t know that so many people had my phone number,” Kantor says. (texajp_7)

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