Why is it important to protect our environment?

What is environment and its meaning?

For immediate release: December 9, 2022Contact: Dillon Hanson-Ahumada, dhanson@endangered.orgDerek Goldman, dgoldman@endangered.org

“The gray wolf is an important native species in our state , and an essential part of the wildlife heritage we all share as Coloradans,” said Dillon Hanson-Ahumada, Southern Rockies Field Representative for the Endangered Species Coalition. “Today marks another step toward a meaningful conservation effort for the wilderness and people of Colorado. We will work to ensure that the final plan commits Colorado to a full wolf recovery now and for future generations of Coloradans.”

Habitat Diversity Boosts Food Security

Biodiversity loss has many negative consequences, but weakened food security is a major one. As the world loses animal and plant species, those that remain are more susceptible to disease and pests. Our diets are also becoming less healthy, increasing the risk of diet-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Protecting environments like forests and oceans ensures there is food for every living thing.

When humans encroach on the territory of other species, disease spreads. About 60% of human infections come from animals. Covid-19 is most likely a zoonotic disease (although we are not sure which animal it originated from), while diseases like avian and swine flu also originate from animals. The bubonic plague that wiped out ⅓ of Europe came from a bacterium carried by a flea and spread by rats. Sufficient separation of humans and animals protects our health.

Human impact on the planet

Humans are literally changing the face of the earth every second. Deforestation, metal mining and urbanization are just a few examples of how we have changed the planet. In addition, what we do in one place has a global impact as everything is connected.

In our modern world we build and create things we don’t really want while wasting valuable resources that we desperately need. Explain how that makes sense. Right now, all biodiversity, from coral reefs to polar bears, from orangutans to rhinos, is at risk because of us. But we humans are also in danger. This is a “fight” to save ourselves.

How can we protect our environment in everyday life?

A healthier and greener choice to protect the environment is to walk or bike to nearby places. Pollution from toxins released from vehicles has a detrimental effect on the surrounding area.

Pollution from vehicles is one of the main causes of increases in global warming rates. The use of gasoline and diesel for the effective operation of vehicles and the harsh chemicals released from the combustible fuel pollute fresh air.

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