What is environment and its importance?


Many diseases come from the environment

When humans encroach on the territory of other animal species, diseases spread. About 60% of human infections come from animals. Covid-19 is most likely a zoonotic disease (although we are not sure which animal it originated from), while diseases like avian and swine flu also originate from animals. The bubonic plague that wiped out ⅓ of Europe came from a bacterium carried by a flea and spread by rats. Sufficient separation of humans and animals protects our health.

Polluted air is a big problem in our world. 9 out of 10 breathe unclean air, affecting their health and longevity. Health effects include developmental delays, behavioral problems, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Every year, polluted air contributes to the deaths of 7 million people. Trees are a particularly effective filter. They remove air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide while releasing oxygen.


  • Educational Achievements – By providing environmental education to students, they apply outside world problem-solving techniques to understand a specific problem by implying that it is outside trades environmental solutions.
  • Health Benefits – Environmental education gives students a new meaning to exploring Mother Nature to see and solve polluting problems, and this will also help them maintain their own health by improving physical Doing the work to make them immune to some serious health problems such as myopia, obesity and even lack of concentration in some cases will make their bodies immune.
  • Future Proof Planning – This is one of the issues we need to deal with because if we don’t educate our children about the dangerous effects of environmental damage, there will be no future on earth.
  • Training in this field will give students a new meaning to problem solving techniques as they will solve real world problems. They will also think beyond today to become future-proof and carefully examine the situation and take preventive action to protect the environment in the future.
  • Leading Teams – Working in teams is another example of environmental education as it gives children a new meaning of solving a specific problem through teamwork.
  • This will also bring out the leadership qualities in them as they will lead the way for their team to stop people from throwing trash anywhere and also to raise awareness for other people who are just non-plastic -Goods to improve use the environment.
  • The use of plastic is one of the major environmental issues of recent decades. We can reduce plastic accumulation to some extent if we stop using at least single-use plastic. This small step can make a big difference in tackling this environmental issue.
  • Producing Environment Activist – When we educate students about the environment and motivate them to take the initiative to protect it as a big part of their lives, they become environmental activists and discourage others from harming the environment by creating platforms for awareness of the need and importance of environmental education in all parts of society.
  • Improving Concentration – Today there are many distractions in a society that takes students’ attention away from their education to another side. By educating them about the environment, they can focus more on real issues as they are the ones to analyze and solve the environmental problems to promote more green everywhere.
  • Usefulness for Schools – It is a very useful plan for schools as it helps them to enhance learning in real life and also helps to understand their environment. Schools can make environmental education a compulsory subject for every student so that it helps everyone focus more on different real-life situations.
  • The teacher and students can also undertake various projects that raise children’s awareness of environmental issues. These projects should also include measures that can be followed to protect the environment. These projects will also help to encourage children on how they can help protect the environment.
  • Participation in outdoor activities – This is potentially very beneficial for children’s health as it has been proven that children who have a green playground on their school grounds are less likely to get sick and be more active and energetic in their daily life Life.
  • Nowadays kids like to spend more time on indoor activities like video games. Unfortunately, indoor activities are a hindrance to children’s mental and physical growth. Parents should take the initiative and encourage their children to engage in outdoor activities by joining them. Children always follow in their parents’ footsteps, so try to be their role models.
  • Promotion of new educational methods – Environmental education is more of a responsibility to be fulfilled every day by students and teachers, which encourages them to go out and do practical activities on energy and environmental protection. It will also help them explore and learn new innovative techniques that will help them understand conservation more easily.
  • Save on Expenses – By learning how to protect the environment, students also need to get involved in maintaining the school grounds because it’s better to start where you really belong first, ie school and home.
  • It will be very beneficial for schools as it reduces the maintenance costs of the environment, which automatically lowers the overall annual costs.
  • For example – Encourage your children to turn off electrical switches and other appliances when not in use, make your children aware of the 3 R’s, d water, etc.
  • More institutions Encourage – As more organizations make environmental education their priority, there will be more children and adults helping to protect the environment and also helping to raise awareness among others.
  • The global youth plays an important role in raising global awareness of environmental issues. For example – in 2017 a student activist from the University of Sussex named Paris Palmano founded the Climate Action Movement. The main goal of this movement was to raise awareness of the climate crisis and possible preventive measures to address climate change.
  • There is another example from India where the students of Great-men International School, Madhya Pradesh, took the initiative in 2010 to plant nearly 1100 seedlings to protect the environment. There are many other examples where students from different schools have taken the initiative to protect Mother Earth.
  • It is very important for educational institutions to teach students how to protect our environment and conserve natural resources.
  • Adapt Technology – There are various measures utilized by organizations by using the latest technology and advances in environmental protection and also helping them to promote the huge online campaign to raise awareness of this issue to create that will bring people together to promote environmental education.
  • According to the present scenario, there are various major environmental problems that require advanced technologies to save nature. For example, technologies to develop renewable energy, save endangered animals, energy-saving technologies, cope with climate change and global warming, etc.
  • Promoting sustainability – environmental education helps build the natural world, impart knowledge and method to solve complex environmental problems, which also promotes productive economies and harmony between communities. Constant awareness raising is key.
  • Well, sustainability is not an option, but it is a necessity to protect the environment. Now people all over the world have started using sustainable products for the benefit of nature. For example – a CFL light bulb may cost a little more than an ordinary light bulb, but people understand the difference. Now people know very well that it is worth choosing a light bulb in the long term that helps the environment by saving energy, avoiding waste, adapting to an energy-efficient lifestyle, etc.

These are all the benefits of educating students about the importance of environmental education, and we should educate the world about it too. Let’s understand what NEPA is and what famous environmentalists around the world are doing to help the earth:

Importance of the Environment Essay Conclusion

The environment is very important to all living things, including humans. It harms all human activities and health. The new technologies every day have made human life comfortable. However, these encroachments cause various kinds of environmental pollution, making the environment unsafe and unsuitable for living beings to stay healthy. Various types of diseases are formed, which often become contagious and cause serious panic in people. Therefore, every citizen around the world must come forward and use eco-friendly products for daily use. Using less electricity, batteries and recycling plastic products properly can lead to better environmental changes. It is our responsibility to keep the earth beautiful for future generations.

Role of governments in environmental management

There are policy options that encourage companies to practice environmental management and protection. These are information policy instruments, self-regulating policy instruments, incentive-based policy instruments, and direct regulatory policy instruments.

Governments can also play a role in promoting and implementing environmental management through various measures:

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