What are the six fashion personalities?

What are the four types of fashion?



The elegant style personality can be described by a fondness for simple and minimalist pieces. Dressy women are all about quality items that they can wear on multiple occasions and in different ways. They love plain looking clothes which they can somehow turn into high end look outfits.

The Super Styles – Building Blocks for Style Expression

One of the most useful starting points for seeing how to express your style from the inside out are the middle two letters of your style type, which we call the Super Styles.

ST – Sensing-Thinking has a pragmatic approach to style that is grounded in foundations and creates a purposeful look. These are the style pragmatists.

What are your style personalities?

Have you ever been shopping with a friend and she’s drawn to pretty dresses while you go straight for the sharp-cut blazers and jeans? That’s your individual style personality shining through. Her friend loves skin-hugging fabrics with lots of detail, layers and layers of bangles and jewelry, embellished shoes and I’ll bet my last dollar she’s wearing pretty matching lingerie. She is a romantic! You, on the other hand, love understated elegance, well-tailored clothes, in neutral tones, with just a little pop of color every now and then. Her wardrobe is small but consists of thoughtful basics like blazers, classic shirts, cashmere sweaters, jeans and tailored pants. If that’s you, chances are you’re a city chic.

STEP 3 – Check your closet and take notes

It’s time to really take stock. Go through your closet and identify the pieces of clothing that you constantly reach for to wear. What are you? Are they simple, trendy and/or colourful? Who designed them?

Now that you have all the facts, you should see some similarities and similarities between your favorite outfit of all time, your style inspiration, and your current favorite wardrobe items.

Style Personality that reflects

Yes, it’s okay to admire another person’s style, but the truth is, that style may not quite be right for you. That’s why finding your own style personality is so important. Remember that the wardrobe you create needs to work for you; It has to reflect who you are and it has to be what makes you feel good.

I always tell my clients that they don’t need to update to be stylish. style is comfortable. It makes you feel confident. Style reflects who you are. Remember, what you wear every day has to suit you and fit your lifestyle.

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