What are the lifestyle products?

What is fashion and lifestyle?

While certainly not the very first to coin and define the term, the concept of ‘lifestyle brand’ was perhaps best described by Marazza and Saviolo in 2012. For her, a lifestyle brand is “a company that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or culture.” They add that “lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide and motivate people with the goal that their products help define the consumer’s way of life”.

This last point is a lofty goal, but a crucial ambition. As Shoates noted in 2016, “when done right, a lifestyle brand “helps people express who they are and empowers them to be who they want to be…to switch would not be true to ourselves.” . This is the ideal for a lifestyle brand that speaks to customers on a level that “goes well beyond the problem the product solves or the solution the brand provides,” and instead the “emotions, values, identities.” and aspirations” of a customer.

# Product lifestyle shows goods in a suitable environment

First and foremost, a 3D lifestyle shows the product in a certain environment. Depending on the type of product and the task, this can be private and public interiors or exteriors. For example, to indicate that the object is versatile, CG artists can create multiple interiors to display it in different scenarios. This approach works perfectly for minimalist furniture, such as B. a table that can be effectively used as a dining table or home office desk.

Four Great Examples of Lifestyle Marketing

Here are some brands and companies that have taken lifestyle marketing to a whole other level. These products are morphing into some of the cool lifestyle brands we know today. Some brands are really experts at this way of marketing a lifestyle to their audience.

Let’s first talk about Nike. If you know sports, you know Nike. It’s by far the biggest brand in sports retail (Adidas and Under Armor have both been gaining ground in recent years). It is the brand’s connection to athletes that has made it one of the best lifestyle brands for sports. This sense of connection with the superstars you see on TV and their successful slogan “Just do it” has played a big part in capturing additional market share in the sportswear industry. Ultimately, Nike helps make the average person feel more like a top athlete simply by supporting them. Just like many of their NBA marketing campaigns

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