What are the 7 types of fashion?


stylish style

It is a style that exudes sophistication and is not directly related to the price of a garment or accessory. If you have an elegant style, in addition to timeless accessories and shoes, you tend to invest a little more in good fabrics with a perfect fit.

Beauty journalist Vic Ceridono has a sleek, contemporary style.

The limitations of the Kibbe system and why style essences are important

Style essences can fill the gap that some people have with kibbe. Kibbe is an extremely useful system that helps you adapt your clothing to your body and not to chase the current “body ideal”. However, many people can sometimes feel constrained with the system.

I will say that the “restricted” feel, in my opinion, is largely due to an overemphasis on the original text style lines, which doesn’t necessarily tally with what Kibbe says today. Today he insists that clothing has no ID and really any ID can wear any garment, it’s about creating the “complete look” that works with your body ID. I have a video about it here.

Classic Style

While many types of fashion styles are about trusting the “basics,” nothing quite compares to the timeless allure of classic dressing style. Instead of relying on trends, the classic aesthetic is based on elegant, sophisticated pieces like a simple pair of jeans with a blazer and matching accessories in neutral tones like scarves and tote or shoulder bags.

When building a classic wardrobe, preference is given to black, navy, gray and tan tones. Tailored suits and skirt suits, buttoned shirts, light-colored sweaters, woolen coats, trench coats, and solid-colored pumps or booties are the most tried-and-true classics.

vintage lover

The vintage lover is technically different than the retro fashion lover in their fashion aesthetic. The vintage lover mostly buys used vintage pieces but combines them in a modern way.

They’re not trying to recreate a look from the ’50s housewife days or the disco era. Rather, they take a great vintage dress and pair it with modern tennis shoes. Or they opt for a pair of 70s bell-bottoms and combine them with a modern crop top.

When your style comes from the inside out, everything related to your style becomes clearer and you become more confident.

You’ll never look at generic lists of “10 things every woman should have in her closet” the same way again!

You can let go of the idea of ​​needing a style formula to tell you how to dress successfully.

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