What are the 10 types of food?

What are five popular foods?

Vegetables and Fruits Image courtesy of the USDA

There are many different types of food. Foods are usually divided into groups based on how healthy they are for you. Many suggest using USDA MyPyramid or the MyPlate charts. These charts help ensure you’re eating the right amount of each food group.


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Food Categories

All the foods we eat can be classified into basic categories.

The seven food categories are:

4 – Ogbono soup (African mango seed soup)

Ogbono is a pulled (slippery) soup made from mixed Ogbono (African mango) seeds.

This soup is prevalent in the south-eastern part of Nigeria among the Igbos but is also enjoyed in the south-west.

Soups and Stews

Banga Soup

  1. Banga soup is a nutritious soup made from palm nuts and is eaten primarily in southern and western Nigeria.
  2. Ofe Akwu is also made from palm nuts but is prepared more like a stew that should only be eaten with rice.
  3. Miyan Keuka is a Hausa soup made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. It is often green in color.
  4. Ewedu called spinach is prepared white and eaten with stew or prepared concussion.
  5. Edikaikong is a soup made from various vegetables and is mainly prepared by the Annang, Ibibio and Efik people.
  6. Pepper soup is a light soup made from a mixture of meat and fish with herbs and spices and is peppery. Nutmeg and chili peppers garnished with fish, beef, goat meat or chicken are among the important ingredients. It’s an appetizer. afang is prepared with melon seeds, ground and thickened and contains vegetables, spices and meat, fish or crabs as desired.
  7. Miyan Taushe is made from a mixture of peanut and pumpkin leaves seasoned with pepper, dawadawa (or iru) and maggi spices. Mainly eaten in the north.
  8. Ogbono soup is made from ground Ogbono seeds, other vegetables, spices and meat. Ogbono often used to eat swallowed food.
  9. Bitter Leaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)

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