Is lifestyle and Max same?


There’s no denying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is at the pinnacle of the tech sphere today. With its massive debut just a few weeks ago, it’s already one of the most coveted tech tools out there. But next-gen cameras and ultra-fast phone chips aside, the iPhone 11 Pro Max also comes with a pretty hefty price tag, making us wonder if it’s worth paying for. For around Rs 1.31 lakh you can buy the iPhone Apex today, but in case you’re looking for an alternative purchase, here are some of the coolest tech tools to buy instead.

With a gigantic 65-inch screen, this ultra-slim 4K Samsung TV is designed to encompass every little detail. The unique 4K UHD screen brings out a unique pop of color and the sharpness of a Samsung TV. Aside from being super efficient, it’s also incredibly smart with Samsung’s built-in Smart Hub. If your internet is strong enough, it can also offer real-time lag-free mobile screen sharing. It might not be Samsung’s best just yet, but for this price it packs a pretty hefty package.

Need to differentiate

Alagu Balaraman, Partner and MD (India Operations), CGN & Associates, points out that Lifestyle was a premium player when it was launched in India . Eventually, it started with lower prices and then spun off Max as a separate brand for high-end products. Lifestyle is now positioned as ‘Accessible Fashion’, targeting upper-middle segment consumers in all cities. Over the years it has been working on own brands to introduce sharper price points, such as men’s denims from 999 rupees and children’s denims from 599 rupees. Extreme value through Easybuy – we have a cross-segment presence,” adds Rao.

Place and surroundings

There are many beautiful places to choose from in Switzerland. Consider the location and surroundings of the venue. Decide if you want to get married indoors or outdoors. Then check if there are pretty historic sites, botanical gardens or epic alpine landscapes nearby. You might end up finding a castle that you want to rent for your wedding party!

Food and drink are an important part of your day. Check if your venue offers catering. If that’s the case, make sure they offer meals that you enjoy and meet your standards. The last thing you want is to eat something you don’t like.

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