Does lifestyle include clothing?


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As complex multi-aspect phenomena, fashion and lifestyle have long been the subject of a wide variety of human and cultural studies: cultural history and theory, sociology, psychology, economics, aesthetics, semiotics, etc.

The cycle of life… and of style

Your clothes and your life form a cycle in which both influence each other – your life should be supported by your clothes, your clothes should strengthen your life… and your life Clothes should be used and serve in your life that you can easily engage in your daily activities.

Your style and life should match perfectly. There is no ideal recipe for this, it differs from woman to intelligent woman.

Understanding Your Lifestyle Activities

  1. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you do in an average week (or if you prefer, go and print the form). for lifestyle analysis and fill in).
  2. Then look at each of the categories below and find out what percentage of your life you spend in each of the clothing categories when you spend your time in it.
  3. Take a look inside your closet – are the percentages related or do you have way too much of one category (e.g. casual) but not nearly enough smart casual?
  4. Why is this important? There’s no point in buying a lot of party dresses if you have nowhere to wear them or it doesn’t fit your lifestyle (e.g. you live in a dusty country town and are a mother of small children and only go to every few years a wedding or party).
  5. Look at the pictures of the clothes you collected for the previous style-finding exercises – do they fit your lifestyle? If no, why not? How could you dress up or dress down your choices to fit your lifestyle while still staying true to yourself?
  6. Also consider your surroundings – for example if you live in a place with cobbled streets, if you wear stiletto heels to and from work every day you are likely to break an ankle (or break your shoe), either you are traveling in different shoes or you need to choose a more stable type of heel. If you use public transport to get to work and are jostling with other commuters, wearing lots of white or light colors is probably not ideal as you’re likely to get scruffy very quickly.
  7. It’s time to unite all the elements of who you are, working with your life and environment. This is how you feel most comfortable and safest.

What is a lifestyle blogger?

First things first, what is a lifestyle blogger?

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