Samra offers Capital Bra drug rehab help

It has been known for some weeks that Capital Bra and Samra have resolved their dispute. Both rappers confirmed they met almost 2 years after theirs Pronounced and reconciled separation to have. Samra stressed that it’s not about making an album with her former rap partner.

“Being able to play sports together”

Now the 27-year-old has spoken a little more extensively about Capital Bra and her relationship with him for the first time. The two are in contact and, according to him, speak regularly on the phone. Capi is currently in Dubai on personal leave.

Samra is not currently thinking about making music together and will see first what the future brings. However, she offers his friend his help with another problem. Samra has been completely drug-free for several months and is trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To this end, she has changed her diet, she often plays sports and, according to her own statements, she has not used drugs for 6 months.

In a live stream, he offers to help Capital Bra break his drug addiction. He goes straight to his friend and suggests they go to the gym together and Capi follows his path as a model for quitting drugs.

Samra turns to Capital Bra

“What about Capi? I read the question very often. With Capi everything is fine. Capi is resting, I’ve been on the phone with him for the last few days. He’s in Dubai, he needs rest. And yes, let’s take a look. I don’t want to. still saying nothing, you know, it always depends on how you feel and what you intend to do to work together.

Otherwise I wish Capi all the best. Bosses, you’re a great guy. Stay as you are and try not to take drugs. You can take me as a model, you can play sports together. The main thing is not to take these dirty drugs. “

Here you see the video

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