Cathedrals: No negative effects from lights out

The cathedrals of Bamberg, Cologne, Münster and Speyer do not present major problems of vandalism even after the lights have been switched off at night. “Since the beginning, the police have planned a greater presence around the cathedral,” explained the head of the cultural management of the cathedral of Speyer, Friederike Walter, at the request of Unlike other cities Speyer Cathedral also not in the city center and on any central pedestrian path, so “no one has to walk there in the dark”. In consultation with the city, more attention is also being paid to keeping the area around the Imperial Cathedral clean so that no “trash corners” are created, Walter continues. The city was particularly present during the autumn fair at the nearby fairground with its security forces in the cathedral garden. “That’s why I haven’t heard of any negative effects of turning off the lights so far,” he stressed.

Markus Frädrich, spokesman for the Cologne Cathedral Chapter, made a similar statement. “Since the Cologne Cathedral At night, only the area around the spire is illuminated, so we were unable to detect excessive vandalism or increased pollution in its vicinity, “he explained to other, to the fact that the cathedral to the north and the south side is protected by bars and the public paths and squares around the cathedral “are lit to a limited extent, but still sufficient”.

Even the spokesman for the diocese of Münster, Stephan Kronenburg, when asked on that by turning off the night lighting of the Münster Cathedral no special or aggravated vandalism issues were detected. Archdiocese of Bamberg spokesman Harry Luck also pointed out when asked on that there were problems at the cathedral there “fortunately not yet known”.

Kollig: In the past, churches weren’t heated at all …

The energy crisis also worries the churches. In an interview with, the vicar general of Berlin Manfred Kollig comments on the question of what can still be done. He also talks about some politicians’ energy saving advice and possible restrictions on face-to-face services.

Previously had Reported “Südwestrundfunk”.who has been in the dark corners around Ulm cathedral for the past few weeks huge problems with wild voyeurs and left trash. Due to the current energy crisis, the city of Münster has turned down the lighting in all public buildings and therefore no longer illuminated the tallest bell tower in the world at night, according to last Saturday’s report. As a result, ground spotlights and masts for facade lighting failed for six weeks. However, the lighting in the lower part of the building was also not expected to turn off completely when the lighting was turned off. Rather, there was an error with the lamps in the niches, which has now been rectified. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Ulm is the largest Protestant church in Germany.

To save energy, many public buildings are no longer illuminated at night. In mid-July they happened Chapter of the cathedral and city of Bamberg he agreed not to light the cathedral there anymore to send “a clear signal” that “energy must be saved in all sectors”. In early August, the diocese and the city of Speyer also announced that they would no longer illuminate the imperial cathedral of Speyer to show solidarity in times of energy crisis. A few days later, the city of Cologne also announced announced that the cathedral would no longer be illuminated at night due to energy saving measures. Since mid-October, both spiers of the cathedral have been illuminated from the inside again. The goal is “to ensure that the cathedral spiers remain recognizable in the urban landscape throughout the night, even in times of crisis, as a subtle sign of hope and trust,” she said. From the end of August the Münster Cathedral no longer illuminated from the outside at night. (cbr)

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