Who will win € 20,000? Vote for the “True Hero” in the final vote!

LupoLeo Prize 2022: who will win 20,000 euros? Vote for one of the “real heroes” in the final vote!

Monday, 10/31/2022, 15:00

Sponsorships for learning, book workshops and integration aids – many people have encouraged us this year. Three out of ten projects entered the “final vote” in the first round and now have the chance to win the LupoLeo Award 2022 and a prize pool of € 20,000. Vote online for your “true hero” in a big online user who votes by November 7, 2022.

You now have until November 7 at 11:00 to vote for your favorite project. We will also publish the result of the final vote here.

Project 1 of 3: Circle of Friends of the Book Children, Ralph-Uwe Lange

The open children’s book workshop is mainly aimed at school children aged between 6 and 18 in the neighborhood. The project offers open laboratory courses four times a week, which unfortunately could only be attended by 8 children each due to the pandemic – to ensure distance rules – but were more followed by relaxation. In addition, “Rulo” Lange also offers many decentralized courses, up to 13 per week in facilities for children and young people in the Leipzig area. Children are given space to develop their imagination and to confront it, being able to create their own stories in terms of language and images with as few guidelines as possible.

Childhood creativity is often lost. Children who are not encouraged lose the desire to write and read, while, conversely, a sense of accomplishment in one person can lead to progress in another – according to the experience of Ralph-Uwe Lange, who developed the idea of children’s book. Especially in times of social distancing over the past two years, addressing and overcoming the pandemic has been an important issue. In order for the work on children’s books to continue in lockdown, the writing contest “Hey CORONA! We are not afraid!” instead. This was done in close cooperation with neighboring schools. They received a press set to take home and the club was in digital contact with them via video and phone calls. This allowed them to (v) process their story in relation to the virus.

German teacher Ralph-Uwe Lange developed the idea for the children’s book more than 20 years ago. His face has always been closely linked to the Friends of the Book Children Association. His experience of him AHA of him was when he learned towards the turn of the century that children have their own visual language before they can read and write. For example, they use symbols and images to tell stories. This impressed him so much that he developed the design idea of ​​creating stories from images, writing them first in spoken language and finally with the correct spelling. And so the children’s book workshop was born.

Ralph-Uwe Lange is the initiator, the spiritus rector and the promoter of the association. As a source of ideas, he promotes the work of the association in numerous areas: he constantly develops the idea of ​​the children’s book, always sees new connections with other arts and crafts, and recognizes the potential of working on books for many locations outside Leipzig. Through his networking with artists and art educators, as well as directors, he can constantly develop and implement the fields of ideas. As a pedagogical director, he trains the employees himself, which he in turn uses as multipliers for the children’s book idea.

After successfully completing the children’s book seminars, each employee or participant receives a certificate through LASUB as teacher training. On a mostly voluntary basis, “Rulo” contributes profitably to the Open Workshop project. From 2010 to 2020 she supported the association exclusively with Hartz IV benefits. In 2021, you held a temporary part-time post for the association’s activities in the Land of Leipzig. From 2021/22 she received a scholarship from the city of Leipzig for the creation of “Typography in kindergarten. A handbook for educators.” She continues to work tirelessly for the association in a limited number of self-employed and voluntary work.

No one is long who considers himself or his project something special. But he gives everything for the project and in fact also recognizes that the project has a huge network effect in the structurally weak region around Leipzig, where there are few offers in this area and schools sometimes unhinge it.

Project 2 of 3: GORILLA Germany, Roger Grolimund

The project is a health promotion and education program for young people aged 9 to 25, it aims to help young people eat healthily and teach “cool” sports such as skateboarding, breakdance or freestyle football. Studies show that 82% of young people in Germany exercise little and 70% eat little fruit and vegetables. Health-related quality of life and mental health among children aged 7-17 has also decreased significantly – depression and bullying are becoming more common crown to.

GORILLA goes to schools and offers a two-year program that focuses on conveying the joy of exercise and raising awareness of healthy, seasonal nutrition. With the different building blocks and modules of the action areas, food, greenery and balance and various leisure modules, they reach children in a sustainable way.

With healthy meals together (breakfast and snack), children and young people are shown how important healthy eating is for an active lifestyle and that healthy eating can be delicious and varied. The many well-known freestyle characters, such as the freestyle footballer Aguska Mnich or the break dancer Moses Mwanjelwa, not only can be experienced directly in the workshops, but are also involved in the creation of tutorials, videos and lessons. His freestyle skills and cool nature are the perfect “door opener” to reach the kids.

Roger Grolimund helped children skateboarding at an early age and offered courses with a friend. He lost his mother to cancer when he was 18 and wanted to give something “meaningful” to the inheritance, so the foundation was founded. He believes that it is a fundamental right of every child to know what good nutrition is and what it means. He wanted to consciously counter the lack of political and social prevention activities in this area and bridge the gap. Children should know what they are eating. Over time, they have noticed that the combination of freestyle sports and the theme of nutrition is very fruitful. From founding in Switzerland to expanding into Germany, Grolimund has already taken on all imaginable tasks in the organization. He is currently preparing a bee campaign for World Bee Day. Since 2018 Roger has been responsible for the area in Germany only.

Roger is an incredibly positive and kind person who believes in good. With him the glass is always half full and he never gives up to realize GORILLA’s vision. He believes in the next generation, in children and in a better world. This gives motivation and power to everyone involved in the entire GORILLA program.

Project 3 of 3: Partnership International, Jasmin Friedel

Partnership International allows young people to spend a school year abroad and thus become more cosmopolitan, strengthen their self-confidence and intercultural understanding. To make this experience possible for every young person, economically disadvantaged families are supported through the assignment of scholarships. Jasmin Friedel has been very intensely involved in the program for over 17 years.

Partnership International is convinced that it is important for social cohesion beyond national borders to have intercultural skills and to have learned to “think outside the box”. A stay abroad offers both. The organization wants to support young people in their independence through international exchange and offer them the opportunity to understand and live in a foreign culture.

Jasmin Friedel spends almost all of her free time in non-profit trading business. She herself spent a year abroad. In 2006 she joined the management of the Email Buddy program to support participants and develop it further. She has been an honorary member of the board since 2014 and president of the association since 2019. In addition to the role of councilor, she participates in many stages of the preparatory processes for getting to know young people: it is important for her to be closely involved in the life of the association. This includes participation in selection interviews, events, preparatory seminars, flight escorts, board meetings, strategy development and honorary board management. Consequently, she Jasmin is also the main contact for management and for various working groups. With over 17 years of commitment, she is an example of sustainable and very intense voluntary commitment.

The project is committed to social cohesion, intercultural exchange and equal opportunities, especially in relation to international exchange. Promote independence and intercultural competence. A special feature is that the young participants are looked after by volunteer pupils, for whom a separate e-mail friend program has been developed. In the follow-up seminars of the years of exchange, the growing cosmopolitanism of the participants is evident. Many have greater intercultural understanding and later complete their studies abroad or become active in youth work themselves.

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