This garment is the alternative to the miniskirt!

Street style midi skirt |  © Getty Images / Jeremy Moeller

Must not miss this autumn: maxi skirts

© Getty Images / Jeremy Moeller

Mini or maximum? When it comes to skirt length, opinions differ in autumn / winter 2022. What speaks in favor of the maxi skirt and what style options it offers …

When it comes to trends, designers largely agree this season. Opinions differ only when it comes to the length of the skirt. While some may not be short enough, others opt for floor length creations.

The maxi leather skirts by Bottega Veneta or Givenchy prove that the latter are in no way inferior to the mini ones. The big pieces require nothing more than a knitted sweater. Saint Laurent models are just as simple. The maison presents a successful play of feminine satin skirts and masculine blazer coats. On the contrary, the pleated skirts with flower appliqués by Louis Vuitton or the red denim skirts by Acne Studios look decidedly bold.

The maxi skirt is omnipresent not only on the catwalk, but also on social media. Models in white are particularly popular with influencers. Influencer Camille Charrière wears a wide-cut striped sweater with mandrels. She carries with her the summer in the fall in the form of a straw bag.

Fashion blogger Debora Rosa has also opted for the trendy white color. She completes her pleated skirt with a black sweater and heavy leather boots. If you like it more elegant, you can use narrow heel ankle boots instead.

Silk and satin are just as popular as pleats. The hairy mohair wool or the raw knit creates a nice contrast with the shiny skirt. Or how about a leather jacket with a used look, like the one worn by the influencer Nisi? The outfit is completed by a white tank top and ballet flats, which can only be seen under the maxi skirt.

Carola Pojer relies on a similar combination. She chose a patchwork denim maxi skirt, a white tank top and an oversized black blazer. On hot days in early autumn, she ditches the blazer and replaces the strappy pumps with flat sandals.

The maxi skirt also competes with sweatpants. Ellie Delphine’s knitted ensemble aka “slipintostyle” is just as comfortable, but much more elegant. The look is particularly elegant when maxi skirt, bustier and cardigan are in color tone. Décolleté and jewelry make it even street legal.

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