The new fashion house Sinn in Goch offers fashion for both men and women

The new fashion house Sinn has opened in Goch on Vossstrasse. Thus the CEO describes the range for men and women.

For the regional sales manager of the Sinn fashion house, Uwe Mönninghoff, there was only one answer when asked about a possible location in Goch: “Goch? All I can say is: immediately!” Because with Goch, together with the management, he had already chosen a good position 20 years ago with a subsidiary of Charles Vögele, as he told the NRZ.

Kristina Erhardt runs the clothing store in Goch, which offers a large women’s department and a well-stocked men’s department. “We cater to multiple target groups. Our assortment ranges from leisurewear to chic occasions to classic fashion, “she describes.

Sinn is happy with an excellent location

In the opening of the senses in Voßstraße 40, the management team was delighted by Dr. Isabella Goebel, Dieter Nolden and Thomas Wanke equally talk about the other location besides Kleve on the Lower Rhine. “This is an excellent location in an environment that fits well and with Jochen Koenen – Zevens Grundbesitz – also the same landlord as Smart location – everything really fits here, “added Mönninghoff.

Especially since both houses complement each other well with different focal points. “Goch will be happy to have us and we will give the place a shake,” promised the sales manager.

The numbers and encouragement are good

Mayor Ulrich Knickrehm, also present at the inauguration, corrected it: “We are happy for Sinn and we are sure that here they will fill the city center with life”. in advance that Sinn can do just that in the official opening. Because it’s not only great shopping on Voßstraße 40 from October 27th, but for a week now. A little one week conclusion from the Sinn team: the numbers and encouragement are very good.

Kristina Erhardt heads the fashion house

The Gocher fashion house, which sells fashion in the mid to high price range, is run by Kristina Erhardt. It was particularly important for her to point out that customers can feel at ease on the three large floors and approximately 1500 square meters – while looking, shopping and trying out the different fashion labels. On site, a team of up to 20 employees ensures that everything runs smoothly in front of and behind the scenes.

Incidentally, many popular branded items are still reduced by 20 percent until November 5th.

Opening hours: The Gocher Modehaus is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 9:30 to 16:00. Further information is also available online

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