The hottest night in October measured in Essen-Bredeney: 17.2 degrees

Friday evening (28 October) was a “mild record”. The weather service in Essen-Bredeney measured 17.2 degrees, two degrees above the old record

The golden October offers non-stop superlatives, even in Essen: last Friday night (28 October) will go down in the history of the climate of Essen as “record mild”. As reported by the German Meteorological Service (DWD), the minimum was 17.2 degrees Celsius. “That’s two degrees above the previous record for the highest minimum temperature at the end of October,” reports qualified meteorologist Thomas Kesseler-Lauterkorn. The old record for the hottest night in October was 15.2 degrees and was measured on October 22, 1977.

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Meteorologists divide the month into three decades. In a comparison of the last decades of October, the historic 28 October 2022 in Essen stands out: because with a average daily temperature of 19.9 degrees, it set a new record in the last ten days of October. The old record was 18.2 degrees and was measured on October 21, 1989.

In the “highest value” category, the ten-year record of the last decade of October fell just short of October 28 with 23.3 degrees. On 22 October 2012 it remains at the top of the ranking with 23.5 degrees.

Overall October 2022 is the second place for Essen since 1948: only 2001 was even milder

In an NRW comparison, October 28 was a historic day: summer days (maximum value of 25.0 degrees) were reached in three stations: Lippstadt-Bökenförde with 25.8 degrees, Werl with 25.3 degrees and Waltrop -Abdinghof with 25.2 degrees. So far, October 27, 1937 has been recorded as the last day of summer. At that time there were maximum values ​​of 25.7 and 25.1 degrees in Wuppertal and Solingen.

Return to Essen – all October now. “The average temperature we will reach in Essen-Bredeney this October is 14.1 degrees Celsius, which means second place since 1948,” said Thomas Kesseler-Lauterkorn, who is also deputy head of the climate office in Essen. Only October 2001 was even milder with 14.3 degrees in Essen-Bredeney.

The 1991-2020 long-term average is 10.9 degrees Celsius, so this October it will end well 3.2 degrees above that. In recent years, with the exception of 2016, all months of October in Bredeney have exceeded the climatic average. 2021: 11.4 degrees; 2020: 11.2 degrees; 2019: 11.7 degrees; 2018: 12.7 degrees; 2017: 12.6 degrees and 2016: 9.6 degrees.

Golden October in Essen: 1989 and 2005 also had mild phases at the end of the month

The view of the sunny hours shows for Essen: October was very sunny, even if not record-breaking. At just under 148 hours, it was nearly 40 hours longer than the 1991-2020 average. In October 1965, however, the sun was shining for 198 hours in Bredeney.

In terms of rainfall, October 2022 in Bredeney was significantly too dry, around 34mm means less than half the climate average (77.3mm). The latter dried similarly in October 2018 (33.5mm).

Golden October among other things, they are not rare. Thomas Kesseler-Lauterkorn: “In the past there have been mild phases at the end of October, for example at the end of October 1989 or 2005. But the heat of the last decade of October has never been as pronounced as this year.”

This year, the DWD experts from Bredeney noted “in a very particular way” the fact that, contrary to the seasonal trend, the second half of October was warmer than the first and that the last third of October was significantly more heat of the first third. In figures: the first third of October had an average temperature of 12.7 degrees in Bredeney, in the last third it was – “hard to believe” – ​​16.4 degrees. For classification: The current long-term average for June is 16.7 degrees in Bredeney.

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