The federal association requires immediate approval of the eTrailer technology

At a meeting in the Saarland state representation last week, the people involved unanimously came out in favor of authorizing electrified trailers on German roads as quickly as possible and technological change as well as environmental protection robust– Allow segment promptly.

There has been talk since the beginning of the year, but nothing has happened. The commercial vehicle sector could save CO2 emissions locally if eTrailers were allowed, which is not just for administrative reasons, said Markus Emmert, board member of BEM and leader of the working group after consultation with representatives of federal politics and the federal administration and in the presence of the Prime Minister of Saarland Anke Rehlinger, who accepted the invitation of the ZF Group to the presentation of the eTrailer.

What are eTrailers and what advantages do they offer?

ETrailers (electrified trailers) are vehicles that have a loading area for the transport of goods and have their own guide and an independent energy storage device that can be charged from the outside. They are carried behind towed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses or tractors. They don’t push, they support the team, they increase the range and they carry a lot to save 20% or more of climate-damaging exhaust gases, even with diesel or petrol vehicles. The eTrailer category includes modern eCaravan solutions for ecological tourism and electric mobility solutions for fully digital heavy transport.

So far, the electric trailer has not been recognized in the German regulatory context and the current vehicle registration with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is not enough. The BEM ist active since the beginning of the year in the creation of a separate vehicle category for eTrailers, promote the accreditation of the environmental impact on the toll payment and make all further preparations for the electronic license plate as well as the adaptation of driving license classes and vehicle documents.

Our first eTrailer prototype has been in operation since 2018 and has proven it can save up to 16% fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 13.5 tonnes per vehicle per year, “said Christiaan Verschueren, Global Head of System Solution Trailer, ZF Group.

And in his statement he stressed the importance of technology approval for the business location and the continued existence of jobs: trailer technology will play a decisive role in the Making road freight transport more cost-effective and therefore more competitive. The electrification of semi-trailers will increase the energy efficiency of commercial vehicles to a whole new level, Verschueren told invited guests from policy and administration at the presentation with BEM and technical experts.

About BEM – The Bundesverband eMobilit├Ąt is an association of companies, institutions, scientists and users of the electromobility field who are committed to converting mobility in Germany to electromobility based on renewable energy. The tasks of the BEM include the active networking of economic actors for the development of sustainable and intermodal mobility solutions, the improvement of the legal framework for the expansion of electric mobility and the implementation of greater equal opportunities during the conversion to concepts of low-emission driving. The association was founded in 2009. It organizes 450 member companies with an annual turnover of over 100 billion euros and employs over one million people worldwide. More than 1,750 registered participants work in 19 working groups across the full range of electric mobility.

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