The arms manufacturer wants to fend off Russian kamikaze drones with new technology

Roketsan CEO Murat Ikinc sees this as a decisive step in the war: with armed drones, Ukraine can establish a concept of cost-effective air patrol instead of using expensive air-to-air missiles. These are fired into the air to hit targets in the air.

According to the report, Ukraine is currently trying to intercept Russian-deployed kamikaze drones with fighter jets. The use of drones is considered a cheaper solution.

Moscow’s recent introduction of Iranian Shahed-136 drones has complicated the situation in Kiev. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of a “great catastrophe” if the wave of kamikaze attacks on power plants continued during the winter.

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Ukraine has been using the TB2 drone since February 2022. (Source: IMAGO / Beata Zawrzel)

Bayraktar: war with drones avoids collateral damage

Kamikaze drones are slow, noisy, and deployed at low altitudes, making them “easy targets,” Bayraktar said. The Baykar company wants to set up a production facility in Ukraine within one year. Last week, Bayraktar CEO had already asked Germany to be more willing to cooperate. “Any concern for Turkey should be dispelled”. Germany is very limited in terms of defense technology.

The Turkish company was criticized from the Russian side. The company’s weapons are said to have contributed to the destruction of the flagship Moskva in April. Baykar was reportedly targeted by Russian intelligence using deepfake technology.

According to the “Daily Sabah” report, Bayraktar contradicts criticism that “drone warfare” lowers the threshold for war. Rather, drone technology helps “avoid collateral damage” through advanced accuracy and tracking.

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