Starnberg district honors Ursula Steglich-Schaupp, Rosemarie Zacher and Katja Sebald

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Of: Oliver Puls

“They ensure our district is worth living”: District Administrator Stefan at the awards ceremony a (from left): Rosemarie Zacher (cultural award), Katja Sebald (recognition award), Ursula Steglich-Schaupp (cultural award ). District Culture Officer Barbara Beck (r.) Is happy with them. © District office

Starnberg – The two artists Ursula Steglich-Schaupp from Breitbrunn and Rosemarie Zacher from Gauting are the winners of this year’s cultural prize. Berg curator, author and journalist Katja Sebald received the award. District administrator Stefan Frey was delighted at the awards ceremony that after a two-year Corona break, we can finally get together again. And at the ceremony he recalled how difficult it was for the arts and culture scene during the pandemic.

District administrator Stefan Frey talked about a small but fine art scene in front of the 130 guests who had gathered in the large conference room of the district office. The award winners, who have been awarded in various categories for 20 years, must have achieved outstanding achievements and are selected by a jury made up of art experts, one representative each from the district parliamentary group and district caretaker Martin Schulz. The fact that two art prizes were awarded this year, each with a prize pool of € 4,000, has to do with the pandemic, culture officer Barbara Beck pointed out. The artists Ursula Steglich-Schaupp and Rosemarie Zacher have lived and worked in the Starnberg district for nearly three decades. Despite the great differences between their works, what unites them is the vision of the surrounding environment, critical or amused. And: as winners of the Starnberg City Art Prize, they both were able to use the Paul Thiem studio for two years.

Steglich-Schaupp’s trademarks are large-format images and sculptures in which he elaborates his impressions and feelings and deals with current affairs. He is a founding member of the Starnberg-Pöcking-Feldafing Open Studios. From 2013 to 2021 she (together with Ulrike Prusseit and Katharina Kreye) was the curator of the “nah-fern” exhibition series in the ticket office of the Starnberg See station. With the presentation of the Culture Award, the district pays tribute to Ursula Steglich-Schaupp’s lifelong work.

Rosemarie Zacher is also committed to her environment, running the “School of Fantasy” in Gauting and Stockdorf for 30 years. She organizes weeks of art projects in nursery and primary schools. She conducts workshops for children on Rose Island for the administration of castles and lakes. She and Susanne Partsch have written a children’s travel guide for the Starnberg district. She received the prize for her illustrations and sculptural works, which always have an enigmatic caricatural vision of small human weaknesses, which she expresses with an accurate, sometimes almost calligraphic stroke and a confident and pictorial use of color.

The third of the group tonight is Katja Sebald. As a curator, she is on the other side, so to speak, she presents art, transmits it, gives it a frame. She is considered a mediator of art, culture and history and a spectator. In 2011, Sebald launched the “Artwork of the Month” series in Berg’s Katharina-von-Bora-Haus, which she has been curator ever since. By the way, she is the author of the book “Longing for Lake Starnberg, Portraits of Villas and Their Famous Residents”.

The ceremony was accompanied musically by Jörn Kachelriess and Stefan Busch. The two delighted the guests with songs that were created in the first Corona winter under the impression of the lockdown. That evening they donated their share to the Starnberger Tafel.

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