Spontaneously vegan? This says a nutrition expert from Hilden

Tuesday is World Vegan Day
How healthy is a vegan diet?

More and more people are eating vegan, even in Hilden. Restaurants are responding to this trend. But is it healthy? This was reported by a nutritionist Hilden.

Danil Shapovalov is one of those who should benefit from the trend towards vegan life. Shapovalov is the owner of Hilden’s fine restaurant. The most popular dish on his menu: “A very vegan bowl”. A very vegan – literally translated – bowl, consisting of lettuce, baby spinach, falafel, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and red cabbage, among other things. “This dish is a hit with us, not just among vegan dishes, but in general,” says Shapovalov.

Vegans are people who don’t eat animal products like meat and fish, but also things like milk and eggs. When World Vegan Day is celebrated again on November 1st, the number of vegans in Germany is likely to be historically high. According to the “Allensbach Market Analysis and Advertising Media”, more than 1.5 million people in Germany currently describe themselves as vegans. For comparison: five years ago, only around 850,000 people claimed to be vegan. The trend towards veganism is unmistakable and their numbers are expected to continue to grow in the years to come.

In addition to the bowls, Shapovalov’s restaurant on Klotzstrasse in the center of Hilden offers, among other things, wraps, salads and soups. About 30 percent of the dishes offered for “fine dining” are vegan. “People who come to us pay more attention to their diet, like athletes. Fitness studios also often order from us, “says Shapovalov, who has been in Hilden with his branch for 13 months. The average client is between 30 and 40, so a pretty young semester. Incidentally, Shapovalov isn’t even vegan. “But I feel a positive difference if I can live vegan or at least vegetarian for a while,” he says.

Hanna Neunzig is a certified nutritionist and graduate ecotrophologist, i.e. nutritionist and home scientist. She notes that people often spontaneously decide to live vegan. But she ninety she does not recommend it. “It is best to inform yourself in advance and be prepared and well informed about this change in diet,” says Neunzig, who runs a nutritional therapy practice in Hilden.

There is no doubt that a vegan diet – when practiced correctly – offers health benefits. Vegan foods contain many nutrients, but not all of them are absorbed through a vegan diet, according to Ninety. “The missing nutrients must be taken in through smart food choice and also mandatory substitution, for example through dietary supplements,” she says.

By the way: Ninety isn’t even vegan. “I like to eat a lot of variety and too much variety for that,” she says. In general, she also advises her customers against an exclusively vegan diet, recommending a mixed diet instead. In her experience, the argument in favor of vegans is often not a health issue anyway, but rather a “certain attitude related to the conservation of the environment, animals and nature”.

From Hanna Neunzig’s point of view, good vegan food doesn’t have to be elaborate. “Recommended, a toasted whole grain bread with avocado and tomato is a great choice for an easy vegan breakfast or lunch,” she says. Another insider tip from her recipe database: a vegan lemon pie. “This isn’t actually healthy, but it’s very tasty,” she says. From her point of view, not so wild – after all, with all conscious eating, one must not forget: “Food should taste good too.”

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