Prince Harry: For the memoirs, he contacted his ex-girlfriends

While Harry’s memoirs won’t be released until January, they’re already causing a stir. And this also in the private environment of the prince. Because for the bio, Harry is said to have contacted his ex-wife.

What revelations will Prince Harry (38) make in his memoir “Spare”, due out next January? This question has been occupying the royal family around King Charles III for months. (73), Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40). The royal family’s attorneys are reportedly already “on hold” and are responding to possible allegations contained in the book.

His father, brother or other family members did not look at the memoirs and did not even get a chance to speak. However, according to an insider who spoke to The Sun, Harry is said to have given others this opportunity.

Prince Harry’s exes should help with the revelations in his memoirs

Since the royal family’s departure and move to California, the relationship between Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan (41) and the royal family, has been strained. There should be hardly any contact between the two fronts. The announcement of his memoirs is said to have widened the gap and that for the moment there is no reconciliation due to the disclosure book. The fear and uncertainty about Harry’s possible explosive attack in his as-yet-unpublished book is too great. What machinations behind the scenes does King Charles III’s son want. light up? What secrets of the “company” do you want to reveal?

According to an insider, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) sought help with her revelations. And the one with her close friends and even her ex-girlfriends. He is said to have called her and asked her to get in touch with ghostwriter JR Moehringer and tell him about her relationship with the prince and give insights into the machinations behind the royal walls. An offer that was denied to her family. This fact could upset King Charles and Prince William. But it is rumored that Harry’s friends weren’t too happy with her call.

Prince Harry irritates friends and ex-girlfriends with his behavior

According to the insider, the request to divulge private details about Harry and then to make them public shouldn’t have gone well. “His friends and ex-girlfriends were polite and said they would think about it. Eventually, most of it got canceled,” the insider told The Sun. They are said to have felt snubbed by this request. and extremely irritated.

“They found it ironic. Harry would have exploded earlier if he’d known someone had talked to the media. Now all of a sudden he wants it if it’s in his favor.” It is not known exactly who was contacted by Prince Harry. However, it is clear that among them were ex-girlfriends like Chelsy Davy, 37, and Cressida Bonas, 33.

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Can’t you see the ones in the shadows? This is what the title of Prince Harry’s autobiography suggests. “Reserve” is expected to be released only in January, but the book is already causing a stir in its home country.

Turbulent New Year Prospects: Prince Harry Adds Fuel to the Royal Fire with a Possible PR Tour for His Book “Reserve” across Britain?

This January, Prince Harry will publish his long-awaited book. That’s why he probably won’t be about his life with his wife Meghan. Instead, something else will likely be the focus.

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