Mega fashion sin or just awesome? Oliver provokes Zoff in “Marriage at First Sight”.

"Marriage at first sight"Contestant Oliver found the perfect suit for himself.
Marriage at First Sight candidate Oliver has found the perfect dress for himself. Sat 1

Most “wedding at first sight” candidates have only one thing in mind when choosing their dresses for the big day: to make the stranger fall at first sight. Every detail is taken care of. Brides shine in their gorgeous dresses and men’s suits are perfectly tailored to each individual. Only one person doesn’t take him so seriously: Oliver. He wears sneakers and colorful socks: a mega fashion sin or just brilliant?

So far ahead: Oliver of Herzogenaurach cannot be assumed not to care about his appearance. He also chooses a suit specifically for the “wedding at first sight”. And the shoes: they are even made to measure.

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Oliver has sneakers made for “wedding at first sight”.

However, not one you would expect for a wedding. The sneakers of the Puma brand are decorated with small details. Approximately the date of the wedding on 16.6.2022. His initials are also immortalized: “Mr. OD But can you really wear sneakers with your wedding dress?”

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For its "Marriage at first sight" wears the groom's Oliver sneakers - albeit very special.
Groom Oliver wears sneakers for his “wedding at first sight” – albeit very special. Sat 1

What’s more: when choosing a dress, the saleswoman offers him elegant socks: brown, beige or black. But I’m out of the question for Oliver. After all, he always wears colorful socks. And he doesn’t want to do without it on his wedding day to a stranger. “In front of the registry office I want to present myself as I am. So he knows it right away: he’s a cool guy, you can have fun with him, “says Oliver.

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He wants his "Marriage at first sight" wearing colorful socks: Oliver.
She wants to wear colorful socks for her “wedding at first sight”: Oliver. Sat 1

There is no doubt that Oliver splits the fan base with his appearance in “Marriage at First Sight”. Yes, there is a real fight over the 43-year-old. “Olli is a brutal boy. I find his taste very good in him. Better than 0815 and the whole standard you otherwise see, “someone writes on a Facebook post. And he also gets support for that opinion.” Brutal boy, he stays true to himself and his line. He doesn’t happen often these days, “says another comment.

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Fans of “Wedding at First Sight” are shocked by Oliver’s fashion sins

But not all “marriage at first sight” fans are so well disposed towards Oliver. “The dress somehow doesn’t fit the occasion and the accessories certainly don’t,” writes one user. “Colored stockings for a wedding dress ??? Nice! My son liked it when he was 3 years old too,” says another.

But it doesn’t end there: “I think the mustache bothers me more. That makes it rather old-fashioned to me and not particularly sympathetic,” is one of the comments. Many find Bayern obnoxious. Most suspect that the demands are too high and don’t give any chance to her marriage to Michaela even before the word yes.

So can it be okay? The little prison officer with the big macho?

Marriage at first sightYou can see every Monday at 8.15pm on Saturday 1.

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