Marius von Essen shoots SG Nordau in the last second to equalize

It remains exciting in the Verbandsliga Nord: in the top match between SG Nordau and FC Tarp-Oeversee, the points were shared at the last minute. There were different opinions on the goal in the 96th minute.

Lindewitt – Big applause for SG Nordau in the 96th minute against FC Tarp-Oeversee. Outnumbered, Marius von Essen leads his team to an undeserved points victory.

But it didn’t seem that way at first. The guests got into the game better and kept the opponent under control. “We were clearly superior in the first 30 minutes,” FC manager Sandro Holland said after the match. “But we didn’t manage to score in the first half.” And so the hosts came into play better and better after a good 20 minutes and fought at eye level. “We had prepared well for Tarp and knew what to expect,” explained Hauke ​​Petersen, who was in charge of this game in place of Marvin Kreutzer. “However, we had trouble finding our game in the first few minutes and let the hustle and bustle infect us a little.”

Then, just before half-time, Finn Hansen was lucky to get away with a yellow card after a foul when he unfortunately hit Nordaus Marc Kliewer on the chin.

Jannik Berndt scores after being substituted

The second half was balanced. Both sides have their chances and Jannik Berndt headed FC Tarp-Oeversee after 80 minutes from Lars Ole Puttins’ cross. Just five minutes earlier, Sandro Holland had sent the scorer into play. The cheering of the guests knew no bounds, assistant manager Sven Hollenkamp ran cheerfully to his scorer.

But things continued to heat up. If Hansen managed to get away with a yellow card in the first half, Marc Kliewer of all saw the red card in the 84th minute when he unfortunately collided with Tobias Kütemann. So SG Nordau had to survive the last few minutes outnumbered, but didn’t give up. On the other hand, FC Tarp-Oeversee had good opportunities on the break. “Unfortunately we don’t use it. That’s the only thing I have to say we didn’t do well. We should have done 2-0,” Sandro Holland said later.

Marius von Essen makes SG Nordau cheer

Many breaks and nicks made over a long down time. And here also Hauke ​​Petersen was rewarded for his change shortly before, when he sent Marius von Essen into play for Marvin Gefke, who in the 96th minute felt like a “match winner”. After a corner, the ball went to captain Christopher Langrzik, who was fouled when he tried to shoot. However, the referee saw the lead and allowed the ball to continue so that Marius von Essen was able to push the ball past the served goalkeeper Oliver Beuth. And now it was suddenly the Lindewitters who were celebrating with their coach.

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SG Nordau vs FC Tarp-Oeversee (29.10.2022)

“I am proud of the team that, despite being outnumbered for 10 minutes, managed to get this tie and hit again late,” said Hauke ​​Petersen relieved after the match. “After the draw in the final we must certainly talk about a points victory, but the result in the end corresponds to the progress of the match”.

Divergent opinions on the equalizer

At FC Tarp-Oeversee, on the other hand, frustration with the late goal was born. “It is annoying that we will be able to score 1-1 in the 98th minute. Five minutes of added time were announced and in the 98th minute it was 1-1 after a player from Nordau committed a foul,” Sandro Holland saw the crucial scene in a different way. But unfortunately the referee and his assistants did not have a good day. There were many questionable decisions. Now we just have to settle for one point, at the end of the day they are definitely two points wasted “. Overall, however, Sandro Holland was satisfied with his team’s performance: “I can give my team a good report once again, we did well.” Particularly noteworthy is the performance of Janek Schmeling.

Due to the deserved division of points, he remains exciting at the top of the leaderboard. Only five points separate the top five teams. (msc)

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