Influencer and Thomas Jane vs. Vampires in the bloody Red Band trailer

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For decades, promiscuous young women, drug heads, and unsavory athletes have been popular victims of horror films, but in recent years the genre has chosen a new stereotypical group to punish their lifestyle: influencers. Both in the new The Texas chainsaw massacre from Netflixthe brilliant horror film “livestream”. dead streamor the escape room movie follow me, social media personalities have had their fair share of fat. And let’s be honest, it gives some satisfaction when the illusory world of influencers is attacked with horror elements.

In the horror comedy killers Bloodsuckers are now targeting influencers, this time an entire team that together has more than 100 million followers. The so-called “Stream Team” is led by the lone billionaire Beverly Rector (Malin Akerman out Guardians) and her sick husband are invited to their luxurious estate for a special event and even get the promise of a handsome sum for it. Self-obsessed influencers ignore the fact that it all sounds too good to be true until the bloody gravity of the matter hits them, because their hosts are vampires and they are looking for the particularly rare blood type that members of the stream team for. some reason to have.

His last hope is the hardened vampire hunter Elliott, played by Thomas Jane (The Punisher). But professional player Flynn (Kara Hayward out Kingdom of the rising of the moon) turns out to be a surprisingly talented huntress and is taken under Elliott’s wing. Together they face the fight against vampires to prevent them from taking over the world.

Abigail Breslin (land of zombies) And Jack Donnelly (“Atlantis”) is also co-star in the film, directed by K. Asher Levin. Asher was already working on his latest film digital along with Jane. Ã…kerman and Breslin also co-produced the film. Red Band’s uncensored trailer, which you can watch below, promises gory party fun that’s probably best watched in a larger group with a beer. Unfortunately, the reviews so far haven’t been particularly good, but they certainly can’t put me off a vampire action movie starring Jane and Breslin.

In the United States it was killers to the October 21 released in selected theaters and via video on demand. Unfortunately, there is no release date in Germany yet, but I suspect the film will go straight to theaters with us. My only hope of seeing it on the big screen would be at the upcoming Fantasy Filmfest White Nights.

Below you will find a short preview of the film and the official poster, as well as an excerpt from the film in which Thomas’s vampire hunter explains to his apprentice how to kill vampires most effectively and what a good vampire killer should always have with him. :

Slayer trailer and poster

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