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Of: Kilian Bauml

Quitting smoking is good for your health. With these measures you will extend your life after smoking.

Frankfurt – Smoking is a health hazard. This is the biggest avoidable health risk in Germany. According to that Federal Ministry of Health 127,000 people die every year in Germany from tobacco consumption. This is the equivalent of more than 300 people a day and more recently the smoking rate has increased also.

To contextualize: in 2021, according to the Federal Statistical Office 2562 people, the equivalent of seven people a day. There are many reasons to quit smoking. Tobacco use not only increases this lung cancer risk, but also for many other diseases. However, some measures can improve health after smoking and extend life.

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Smoking increases the risk of many diseases. (Iconic image) © Michael Bihlmayer / Imago

Former smokers: These measures extend your life

In a study from the USA The data of nearly 160,000 former smokers were evaluated. The data are mainly from the years 1995/96. The living conditions and habits of the participants were examined. From this it was deduced that the following things prolong the life of former smokers:

  1. A healthy weight
  2. Balanced nutrition
  3. Physical movement
  4. abstinence from alcohol

The measures are part of a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of numerous diseases. However, even if former smokers do take the measures into consideration, it will take some time for their health status to match that of a non-smoker.

Smoking has huge health effects – this happens after the last cigarette

If you decide to quit smoking, your body will benefit in a short time. Here’s what happens to the body:

  • When you quit smoking, your body immediately begins to regenerate. Beautiful 20 minutes after the last cigarette Heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. For 12 hours the oxygen level rises and the organs are better supplied.
  • Inside the the next few weeks circulation stabilizes and lung functions improve. in the first year the lungs begin to clean themselves by breaking down mucus and reducing the risk of infection. The risk of heart disease such as a heart attack it is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Two to five years after the last cigarette, the risk of many cancers, for example in the oral cavity, is reduced by half and that’s it stroke risk it is that of a non-smoker.
  • The risk of lung cancer decreases ten years back by half. Only after 15 years the risk of most diseases is as low as that of a person who has never smoked.
  • (Source: Federal Center for Health Education)

Editor’s note

The information provided in this article is not a substitute for a visit to a doctor. Only experts can make the right diagnosis and initiate adequate therapy. Taking medications or dietary supplements should be discussed with a doctor beforehand.

(Kilian Baeuml)

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