Fashion trends – autumn 2022: braids, stripes & Co are coming

To all the pampering and autumn fashionistas – this fall will be comfortable. Knitwear is still very trendy in 2022. Rightly so, because what could be nicer on a cold and rainy autumn day than curling up in your knitted sweater? But there is also a lot to discover away from the rope in the cold season. With the following trends you are sure to grab attention in Fall 2022.

Pullover trend 1: All the knitted pullover trends for 2022 at a glance

Is knitting only for grandmothers? But on the contrary! For years, this trend has also arrived in all other age groups and will also be in trend in fall 2022 in literally all colors and shapes – this applies to sweaters for women and men.

A little tip: knitted sweaters are also ideal for romantic autumn dates.

Knitted statement

The days of monochromatic fashion are long gone. In addition to the classic black and white parts, from now on in your closet belongs at least one knitted sweater. Under the term “Granny Look” you can rely on a wide variety of color patterns and prints, or just rummage through the closet with the embroidered sweater you inherited from your grandmother. If you want to “shop” in a direct and sustainable way, then you can knit yourself. Diamonds, like on a sweater vest or asymmetrical patterns and the trendy oversized look are expressly desired.

Ugly shirts

The courage to be ugly is the motto here. It no longer has to be the perfectly fitted sweater that incorporated a super aesthetic pattern. Dare to wear something more unusual. By the way, you too are completely part of the “grunge” trend, which is also making a comeback. Grunge in this case means the exact opposite of high fashion. Perfection is out – combine different materials and cuts for this look and wear them on top of each other. It also includes a lot of leather and an evil vibe. Coupled with a Ugly Knits sweater, this is not only comfortable, but also extremely trendy for fall.

Playful cardigans

Cardigans were a little demure. But because they are also available in cooler versions, such as with puffed sleeves, eye-catching floral or cropped patterns, they have made their way into the fashion world. If you also wear one of the equally trendy tank tops underneath, cardigans are perfect for the transitional autumn weather. If it’s too cold, we simply pull them together; if it’s too cold, you can tie them randomly.

cable knit

The beautiful knit pattern not only adorns hats, this pattern is also very popular for knitted sweaters, especially in fall 2022. Plus, it’s super easy to style and really catches the eye with jeans and cowboy boots (yes, they are trendy too). The soft sweater also looks good over skirts and dresses and keeps you warm. Combined function and trend – that’s how we like it.

Trendy sweater 2: stripes, stripes, stripes

Attention strip fans: autumn will be your season. Because especially the marine stripes will be seen everywhere even this season. The black and white horizontal stripes in particular look particularly elegant and are easy to combine with jeans. Incidentally, this trend is copied from the “French Chic”, or French women, who in the past knew how to skillfully stage the stripes. Now it is a must-have in any wardrobe.

Speaking of looks: even if the princess of hearts is no longer with us, Lady Diana’s styles are still current. We will tell you how to recreate their looks.

Trend Sweater 3: Cutouts

Off the shoulder, one shoulder, cutouts. (Almost) everywhere, even unusual cuts, with targeted holes and cutouts are very trendy in autumn 2022. Can you also combine the look with other trends by getting yourself a knitted sweater, maybe even with a striped pattern? Feel free to let off steam, but if you want to use the scissors yourself, you’d better think carefully about where you use them. A broken sweater will no longer keep you warm.

Trend sweater 4: dopamine style

Who doesn’t know: autumn is coming and we are tired and listless. But with Dopamine Style you can do something about it. This means clothing with bright colors, especially this season, which should stimulate our production of dominance and therefore give us feelings of happiness. It is best to try it on right away, because by the way, you are also perfectly dressed for autumn with bright (knitted) sweaters.

In the clip: Taff trend of September 19, 2022 – wrap dress in bright colors

Trend 5 sweater: The collar makes the difference

Crewneck, polo or the classic turtleneck sweater? Even though the Peter Pan collar is now considered out of place, there are still more than enough collars that have remained absolutely trendy. Simplicity returns to the fore again in autumn 2022 with crewneck sweaters. However, if you like a little more elegance, the trendy polo collar is a good choice. And what is always possible: the classic turtleneck, timeless chic both for an intimate evening at home or under a blazer for the office.

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