Discussion on bicycle parking at the Vreden market

bicycle parking spaces

Vreden residents and external visitors use their bicycles not only for nature tours.
The nature tour showed that the inhabitants of Vreden love to ride their bicycles. But where to put the bikes in the market square if you want to take a break in a bar? A large parking lot would cause problems at events like the City Beach Festival. © Raphael Kampshoff

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On and around Vreden’s market square, various restaurants invite visitors to the city center to linger. Many of their guests come by bicycle.

But this is where a problem arises. Because bicycle parking spaces are available on and around the market square, but not as many as would be needed on good weather days, for example.

SPD applies for parking spaces

The SPD therefore calls for “the construction of a modern bicycle parking area in the market area”. There are not enough parking spaces here. “This is especially true of e-bikes, which must also have the option of reasonable anti-theft protection.”

A citizen of Vreden also approached the administration with this concern. He would like “many more bike racks in the city center. Sometimes it’s catastrophic how bikes have to be parked here. “

Different interests

The subject is on the agenda of the Construction, Planning and Environment Commission on Thursday 3 November. On the administrative side, the possibilities in the market area, but also in the immediate vicinity, were thoroughly examined, according to the corresponding model.

It should be noted that different interests have to be weighed in the downtown area. These include: Events on the market square and in the immediate vicinity (e.g. fair, general markets, City Beach and Co.), outdoor dining, parking, traffic and emergency roads. “Unfortunately, the possibilities in the immediate vicinity of the locations are very limited and the market square area in general should be kept free and open as much as possible to events of all kinds.”

possibility at the music school

A modern bicycle parking space, possibly also with a canopy, is at most conceivable in the parking lot behind the music school, so the parking spaces would be lost again at this point.

“Furthermore, the question arises whether using this would be profitable, precisely because the gastronomy is more concentrated in the eastern part of the market, or whether visitors would continue to seek proximity to the place out of habit.”

Detachable bicycle holder

But there are possible alternatives. The administration suggests installing detachable bicycle racks on the outskirts of the market square. These can be taken apart from the construction site if necessary. “The shackles also allow for theft-proof and additional locking with a shackle, folding or chain, especially for higher quality bicycles.” For comparison: a classic bicycle hanger costs around 250 euros plus assembly.

Four possible positions

The administration has four locations in mind at the entrances to the market square for the unscrewable brackets: five brackets could be installed in Neustrasse, five in Wessendorfer Strasse and another five in Wüllener Strasse.

In the future, the situation will be further monitored and the experiences of the next cycling season and further gastronomic developments in the market area will be considered.

In addition, the Committee on Construction, Planning and the Environment is addressing two other questions of the citizens of Vreden in the field of cycling: firstly, is there the possibility of making the Dewesweg a priority cycle path and of install a counting station at the new Gaxelino bicycle tunnel. In this way “even the latest critics could be convinced that the provision made sense and that it was not just an expensive structure for a few to be built”.

In these four locations, new bicycle parking spaces could be created.
In these four locations, new bicycle parking spaces could be created. © City of Vreden

other topics

In addition, there will be a request from the FDP to develop a concept for long-term stabilization of the groundwater level in Vreden, energy saving measures by the city of Vreden in view of the impending gas shortage in the winter. 2022 and the enactment of a parking statute.

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