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In addition to the Emscher Park, the “Bräukerwald Park” is a recreation area near the settlement
used by many citizens and dog owners

On 24 August 2022, I filed a public investigation (citizen complaint under § 24 GO NRW) to District Council V regarding the removed bench and the idea of ​​relocating a waste container to Bräukerwald Park.

After the presentation, Department 67 – Green and Gruga issued the following statement:

“The Bräukerwald area is a forest area within the meaning of the law. Unlike green areas and parks, forest areas are less equipped with tourist infrastructure. Therefore, citizens will find fewer seats in these areas and only in exceptional cases waste paper bins At the request of the district council, the waste paper bins here have been set up in recent years by the Green and Gruga department, as problems with littering often occurred here.
After the control by the Green and Gruga department, it is proposed to follow the instructions of the citizen and to move the existing wastepaper basket and set up a new counter. According to the decision of the district council, the work could be carried out by employees of the Green and Gruga department. The benches have already been ordered from this year’s funds from the district council, from which it would be possible to set up a new additional bench in the Bräukerwald. (Source: RIS Essen)

On September 20, 2022, my application as a citizen was on the agenda of District V.
At their meeting, they unanimously decided to set up a new counter and move a waste container to the Bräukerwald and asked Department 67 – Green and Gruga – to carry out the work.

I would like to sincerely thank the V District Council and Department 67 – Green and Gruga for the implementation.

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