Christian addiction experts warn against cannabis legalization:

Munich / Frankfurt am Main / Hamburg (IDEA) – Christian addiction experts warn against legalizing cannabis. Background: The federal government approved a “key issues paper” on drug decriminalization last week. Based on this, cannabis and the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) should no longer be classified as narcotics.

Adults should be able to purchase and possess up to 30 grams of cannabis without being punished. Sales should be allowed in “licensed specialty stores”, possibly even pharmacies. Self-cultivation should also be allowed to a limited extent. There should be no advertising and mail order. For boys between 18 and 21, it is considered a limit on the percentage of THC allowed.

The state is failing in the fight against drugs

The practical head of drug work of the Munich association “Christliche Drug Work”, Michael Hann, told the evangelical news agency IDEA that it was “a big lie that something would improve through legalization”. Facilitating access to the drug is dangerous.

“When people get used to the intoxication, they are tempted to continue using drugs.” The state is currently failing on various levels. Although the possession and use of cannabis are tracked, at the same time one can easily buy synthetic drugs on the Internet, which have a much stronger effect and a strong addictive potential.

Cannabis is minimized

According to Christian book author Markus Finkel (“Legal Highs”, published by the Christian Drug Labor Association in Munich), who was himself a drug addict for 17 years, cannabis has been belittled in the current discussion. The drug leads to strong psychological dependence and changes the psyche in the long term. It leads to listlessness and difficulty concentrating.

With the planned decriminalization, the state is becoming a “legal trader” without eliminating the black market. Drug dealers selling cannabis today would likely switch to more dangerous drugs.

“It is and will remain a transition drug”

The founder of the Christian drug aid organization Lebenswende in Frankfurt am Main, Hertha-Maria Haselmann, criticized the fact that legalization would encourage people to use cannabis. “But it is and will remain a gateway drug.”

Today it is so played down that consumption is tolerated even among young people, for example in the form of hand-rolled cigarettes in which tobacco is mixed with hashish. However, cannabis impairs mental performance and seduces young people into a lifestyle that ends in social isolation.

criminal gangs and danger in road traffic

The president of the Christian Police Association, the first criminal chief inspector Holger Clas (Hamburg), said that the traffic police observed that more and more people were driving on public roads under the influence of cannabis. Many are unaware of the danger involved.

“Legalizing cannabis would send the wrong signal and undoubtedly endanger road safety in Germany,” says Clas. He also criticized the fact that the federal government was ignoring the obvious unwanted developments in the Netherlands in its plans. There, since the mid-1970s, so-called “coffee shops” have been able to sell cannabis for personal use.

The experience gained should be a warning: “Relatively low penalties for drug offenses and a false tolerance for addictive substances have made the Netherlands an Eldorado for drug-related offenses”. According to estimates by the European police authority Europol, there are around 1,500 criminal organizations in the Netherlands. In addition, there is a real drug tourism. “Shall we now also establish it in Germany?”

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